Day 1 Arrival in Shanghai, the largest commercial city in China. Shanghai has witnessed the biggest economic changes in the past few years during which more than 300 skycrapers cropping up on the eastern and western land. In the afternoon, visit the world famous Shanghai Museum, with cultural relics dating back thousands of years.

Day 2 A leisurely stroll along the Bund along the river, where one could easily perceive the contrast of the old and new Shanghai. Enjoy the unique Mongolian BBQ lunch at the Silk Carpet factory. In the afternoon, visit the Peopleí»s Square from where overlooking the fabulous Shanghai Opera House, Municipal Government building and the City Planning Museum. From there we take a rather leisurely walk through the bustling Nanjing Shopping Street. Dinner at the famous í░Palace over Waterí▒ restaurant followed by the grandiose Huangpu River night cruise.

Day 3 Venture to Suzhou, í░Garden City of China, Venice of the Eastí▒. Suzhou was a thriving trade route stop at the time of Marco Poloí»s visits during the 13th century. Visit some of Suzhouí»s classical gardens---fusions of rock, water and architecture, reflecting beautiful pavilions and bridges and inviting contemplation. View the 53-arch Tang Dynasty stone bridge and visit the silk factory where silk is spun from cocoons. Back to Shanghai.

Day 4 AM flight from Shanghai to Yangshuo. Meet with Lucy, a local farmer.

Day 5 Follow Lucy to the riverside for the most tranquil bamboo-rafting along this breathtaking landscape. See the grand show of í░Liu San Jieí▒ after dinner.

Day 6 Transfer to airport and fly Chongqing, and board 5 star cruise ship Oriental King Embark Chongqing

Day 7-9 Cruise along the Three Gorges and visit sites beside which.

Day 10 Arrive in Yichang, fly to Beijing.

Day 11 Visit the Temple of Heaven, the sacred place where Chinese emperors from 1420 till 1911 prayed for a good harvest twice each year respectively at Summer Solstic and winter. Then visit the Pearl Market nearby to learn the knowledge of Chinese fresh water pearls. Lunch followed by the visit to the Tianí»anmen Square, the largest city square in the world with the capacity of holding 3 million people. We them walk through the Heavenly Peace Gate to the Forbidden City, also called Palace Museum, the world largest palace once home to 24 emperors in the Qing and Ming dynasties, containing 9999.5 rooms, and all newly renovated with glistening colors.

Day 12 Take a ride to most scenic part of the Great Wall of China (Juyongguan Pass), and climb the part unknown to most tourists and enjoy the tranquility and peace on top. Lunch followed by the visit to the Sacred Way to the Ming Tombs. Visit the ancient De Village and Ming Tomb Surroundings. Dinner at the brilliant Bai Family restaurant, which will take you back to the 18th century, as you witness the dress, music, decoration, greetings, all presented in Qing dynasty style.

Day 13 Visit the Summer Palace, where Chinese emperors and his favorite concubines spent their summers. See the largest imperial garden of its kind in the world and one of the four grandest gardens in China. Ride to the airport and flight home in the afternoon.

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