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Our thanks for your teaching us about your country

Dear Liang (Regent Guide)

Our trip to Chana came to and end on Wednesday and we sadly left for the United States. Audree and I will spend may hours telling our friends, our families and our grand children about the exciting things we saw, learned and did. Most of all, we will talk about how different the Chinese country and people are, than what we had thought.

I want to thank you for all you did to make our trip so special. We thank you for teaching us about Chinese culture and Chinese history. These are lessons which came late in our life, but, we will tell our children and grandchildren and I hope that one day, they too can visit China.

Several nights ago, while in Hong Kong, we were getting ready to go to bed. I turned to my wife and said...."My fondest dream would be to come back to China in 5 or 10 years. I am sure we would not recognize, even that part of the country we have visited. China is a growing country and a changing country.

Our history books have taught us the China gave the world so very much in art and culture. They have given us knowledge in science and the building blocks to the growth of modern science. I don't believe that we, in the western world, have appreciated or respected China's contributions. I am happy that we have had a chance to visit and see and learn for ourselves. Shortly before we left on our trip I had an opportunity to visit with my uncle who is a Nuclear Engineer. He spent a great deal of time in China because his company was given the first license to come to China and work with Chinese Nuclear scientists and together they built the first Nuclear Power Plant. He told me of the people he met and worked with and the relationship they still enjoy when he comes back to visit.

One night while we were in Shanghai, we were walking from the Bund, back to our hotel. I passed some old walls and thought about everything that has happened in this city over the past years.. I wished that the walls could talk to us and tell us their story. When I came back to our hotel I wrote this poem. I hope youn will enjoy it.

If these walls could only tell us Of the stories walls could tell, Of the rising of a nation And the burning wars of Hell. Of the people's rise to power Then the changing of the ways, And the image of a nation Of the mind games that it played. How the land matured with wisdom Still the ignorance that abounds, And the cries of little children With the empty belly sounds.

Then the sun rise of tomorrow And the ring of freedom's call, With love and understanding And with brotherhood for all. If we only stop and listen To the stories walls could tell, Then the peace of loving brothers Would replace the fires of Hell.

Thank you again for your friendship. I hope we can meet again in your country or in the United States. You will always be welcome in our home.

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