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Splendid Land of China

by Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D.

Recently, I led The Healthy Healing Herbal Tour To China. Only in the last few months has China really opened up to the rest of the world. Just 24 months ago, for instance, the capital Beijing, a city of 18 million people, had only two hotels! Today there are 120 hotels, some of them first class. We were astounded at the building going on everywhere around us. Yet, the old ways of China remain; for example, transportation: in Beijing there are over 10 million bicycles! People transport everything on their bikes¡ªfrom food to furniture!

It was a wonderful tour filled with sightseeing, great food, gracious, knowledgeable people, and the magic and mystery of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM). We had a small group of 20¡ªsome were Clayton College students¡ªa perfect size group. There were people from Florida, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, California, Minnesota and South Carolina. The ages ranged from 27 to 92! Everyone had a wonderful time and learned so much. The responses were all favorable, citing the perfect group of people, the perfect balance between sightseeing and learning, and of course, the great food! I presented ¡°lecturettes¡± every day from our air-conditioned bus. Everyone had an opportunity to share his or her stories. Each person's dedication to natural health and their burning desire to learn was very inspiring and I thank them for joining me.

We worked with a superb tour company, Regent China Tours, who arranged for us to have special meetings and visits with hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, universities and doctors. My producer/director, Barbara Howard, hired a production crew and we captured exciting footage for another television program. The tour guides, who spoke perfect English, were very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and also were our translators. They were always available.

Beijing was our first destination. Our tour guide, Yin Shuo, was truly an expert about every location and every detail. He related everything we saw to the culture and healing systems throughout each time period.

We visited the impressive Tiananmen Square, the largest in the world. The Great Wall presented a challenging high climb, but even our oldest members made it to the top. We also visited the 450-year-old Ming Dynasty Tombs, crumbling ancient ruins just as they were left so long ago. The Forbidden City was just like it was in the movie, ¡°The Last Emperor.¡± The Summer Palace was full of greenery and flowers, and we rode a dragon boat over its waterways. The Temple of Heaven taught us much about Buddhist beliefs and architectural symbols.

The idea of meeting doctors and leaders in TCM was an exciting prospect, as was personally meeting Linda Page. Dr. Page, as most CCNH students know, is a CCNH alumnus and a rising star in the world of natural health, having sold more than two million copies of her books internationally. At every stop, in addition to the tourist destinations, we met with doctors, went to herb farms, markets, factories and visited hospitals. At Beijing's oldest hospital, I was elated when we walked through a well-kept garden where patients were in various degrees of recovery. I deduced that, in spite of the fact that China has opened its doors to Western doctors and medicine, drugs and surgery play only a small part in treatment.

I sincerely enjoyed the trip! Besides seeing and learning about the history of China, I learned more about how people kept well. My experience showed the Chinese people to be friendly, courteous and willing to share what they know and have. They have a strong urge to share and contribute to the wealth of the planet.

Bill Tallmon, B.S. and M.S. in Natural Health graduate; and N.D., Ph.D. In Natural Health Candidate

Anzen Hospital

We arranged a special visit to Anzen Hospital in Beijing, a world-renowned heart research and treatment center that partners with Boston Hospital and Harvard University in coronary research and diagnosis. Dr. Fu, the hospital director, and one of the world's leading TCM and heart health doctors, greeted us warmly.

After a brief tour and lecture, every member of our group was treated to one-on-one consultations with doctors from the hospital in TCM, acupuncture and kinesiology. The diagnoses and consultations were impressive. Chinese doctors believe in a complete diagnosis without invasive means or tests. Most in our group purchased the herbal formulas that were recommended in their consultations from the hospital's pharmacy. The formulas were powerful-many who started taking them right away experienced almost immediate cleansing effects!

I was especially interested in learning how our own conventional medicine is accepted in China. Dr. Fu indicated that at Anzen Hospital many western procedures are accepted and integrated into their programs, but that it is only in balance with TCM that they find the results outstanding. Most of the Chinese population still uses only TCM; the younger generation in the cities, especially Shanghai, openly welcome western techniques. I've always believed that the best of each healing tradition can work together for the benefit of mankind, and I've considered myself a bridge that leads to a greater understanding of how different modalities can work together. Anzen Hospital and Dr. Fu were an excellent example of this.

I heard about the ¡°Healthy Healing¡± China tour through my studies with CCNH, and Linda Page's online newsletter. After a couple of references to the tour, I showed it to my accountant who said ¡°I can justify this as a two-way tax deduction (employment education AND medical)!¡± Hey, I couldn1t lose, could I As a medical transcriptionist, I am seeing increasing numbers of alternative medical terms used in the reports.

As a consummate walker, I must say the Great Wall is The Ultimate Walk! With the inconsistencies in the heights of the steps, and the steepness of the wall1s path, its historical effectiveness in keeping the Mongolians out of China quickly became evident.

I was struck by the Chinese1s physical agility and ability to squat seemingly indefinitely. The senior men and women would congregate playing Chinese checkers, painting letters with a wet mop in the dust settled in a corridor after a sandstorm, or dancing in the open air in large groups. The communal living atmosphere and attitude is prevalent, as compared to ¡°cocooning¡± in the United States.

I received acupuncture treatments in Beijing and purchased Chinese herbs. Several of us started taking our herbs right away, but found them so potent we resolved to quit until we could get home and out of the intensity, excitement and unfamiliarity of our trip. It was an intense trip, but could not have been more enjoyable!

Marcia Miller, is a B.S, M.S and Ph.D in Natural Health student.

Tong Ren Tang

Tong Ren Tang Pharmacies started in 1669. Tong Ren Tang (361 pharmacies throughout China) is just like our own corner drug store, but with no drugs. The newest pharmacy location we visited is far more than a drugstore. It houses wonderful exhibits of historical Chinese Medicine artifacts, private consultation rooms, a traditional pharmacy where pharmacists prepare special prescriptions from the doctors, and an herbal store with modern, brightly lit glass cases and counters displaying hundreds of herbal formulations!

The pharmacy was jammed with people. Behind each counter was a friendly and experienced pharmacist ready to assist in your purchase. But no one spoke English¡ªour translator was with us at all times so I was able to have in-depth discussions with the doctors and pharmacists. I was envious of the quality of the herbs I saw, the personal treatment and diagnosis that was given, and the way the formulas worked so well. It is incredible to think that most of these same herbs have been healing people for thousands of years in China.

Beijing Ginkgo Group

While in Beijing, we had a another special meeting at the Beijing Ginkgo Group Company, a large herbal harvesting, packaging company that also works with the World Health Organization and develops the ¡°standards¡± for all herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine. The president, Li Chun Hua, and the vice president, Tian Nanhui, led our tour through the wonderful herbal gardens, the extraction plant, and the library where more than 6,000 herbs are registered, and encased in glass tubes and locked in vaults.

I was amazed to learn that their herbal research is some of the most advanced in the world. This company works with hundreds of herb farms throughout China that must meet these very high standards. Herbs are even grown and harvested at different times depending on what the application will be, so the same parts of the same herb may be used in different formulas according to growing and harvesting techniques. I look forward to a continued relationship with Mr. Lias, as we work together to share Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Every day on the tour was the perfect mix of learning, fun and sightseeing. Each morning our tour guide recited a prayer of blessing that ended with, ¡°Then, beauty and harmony will follow you in all your ways and through all your days in this splendid land of China.¡± I felt that every day was truly blessed. We certainly were made to feel welcome wherever we went.

There is much more to share! I look forward to bringing more details of herbal healing in TCM to you in the future.

Next time: Xian, The Terracotta Warriors, and a special seminar with the famous Dr. Fang, China's most revered acupuncturist and Dr. Wu, China's foremost diagnostician.

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