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From: bmfortson@webtv.net (Barb)

Lisheng (Tour Escort) was capable, friendly and certainly expedited our entry and exit and was helpful during our entire stay.

I cannot give enough praise to Yin who was an exceptional guide and took great pains to ensure every single facet of our trip in both Beijing and Shanghai were as perfect as could be. He was charming, friendly, very interestingto listen to. He went out of his way to make it the best possible experience for everyone in the group. That comes from me who hasn't done this kind of group travel for quite a while as well as my brother who has traveled extensively.

Shirley, the local guide in Shanghai also did a good job making sure we all got the information about the area we needed.
She was personable, interesting and well versed in her beautiful city.

If I had to make a negative comment , it would be that I, for one, would have liked something (optional) planned in place of the free day since a few of us had absolutely no interest in shopping. But we were in the minority.

China is a fascinating country and it's enormous history mindboggling. I will never forget the wonderful days and the people and adorable cihildren I encountered. And, I know that when my photos are processed I will be able to relive it all over and over and from my photos, postcards and books, I will be able to share my trip with many.


Barbara Fortson

Regent China Tours USA office
Phone: 813-907-5051

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