What People Say of Regent China Tour

Dear Chunyang,

We enjoyed our trip to China very much. Now that we've been home for a few weeks and have had time to reminisce and compare notes about our trip, we've become increasingly appreciative of the efforts of you and your organization! You certainly made our trip a memorable experience.

The planned program was exceptionally well organized, exciting and informative and the accommodations outstanding. We were particularly impressed with the calm and efficient way you and your group addressed the inevitable crises which ranged from a stolen passport to nervousness over a bombed embassy to over-weight luggage. In each case there was no question but that you were personally in complete control and sincerely concerned with their satisfactory resolution despite the fact that in in no way were they of your making.

As testament to our favorable impression of your tour, our contagious enthusiasm may have already infected at least three other couples and we've only been home a few weeks.

Thanks for a most enjoyable and rewarding eleven days.


Liz and Bill Jones
Gainesville, FL 32606

Regent China Tours USA office
Phone: 813-907-5051

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