What People Say of Regent China Tour

Dear Mr. Levin, (of Regent China Tours)

I'm delighted to let you know how wonderful and charming our recent China sojourn
was. Such a successful trip wouldn't have been possible without your agency's
meticulous planning and arrangement. Congratulations!

I have traveled around the world...to Afganistan...Africa...Europe...etc. have been
on many exotic tours and spent time in the peace corps. I have never had an
experience like this incredible trip to China. The people were wonderful and the
guides personable and charming. The spiritual connection with the people and the
country was the greatest I've experienced anywhere in the world.

On a personal note, the trip fulfilled my lifelong wish to visit China. However,
even as the journey has ended, I find myself as much intrigued with a desire to
return and longing for a revisit as I was curious and eager to visit. Such has
been the beauty, the charm, and the hospitality of the places we saw, sensed, and

But I find a broader web of enchantment not in a personalized vignette of the trip
but in the calm harmony of the old and the new of Beijing, the palpable
spirituality of Xi'An, and the loud vibrancy of Shanghai. These alone are enough
enticements for me to revisit China -- someday.

Once again, congratulations for a job well done.

God bless you.

Rev. Lafayette Seymour
Unity Center of Truth in the Nation's Capital

Regent China Tours USA office
Phone: 813-907-5051

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