What People Say of Regent China Tour

I think it is important to spend more time in Shanghai...The overall tour was fantastic, very well organized. We were able to see so much in such little time. Very well done.

Lisa and Stephen Price

I liked the whole tour, it was great (just) a little too much Chinese food.

Don Ehleiter

(The Tour) was excellent! We have good meals, good tour guides, modern air-conditioned busses, w/ good drivers, saw interesting attractions, beautiful hotel rooms, and were well taken care of; especially during air travel.

Ellie Gracey & Bert Collom

It was very thoughtful and a nice touch to remember people's birthdays.

Elizabeth Spadaro

We liked everything. Well planned trip. I was amazed at the quality of the hotels, food, tour buses, and guides, plus all the attractions we visited. How did you do it for that price?

Barbara & Lucy Williams

Excellent, Fantastic.

Bruce Cardall

I enjoyed the tour very much. (Also) please check to see when the package that was left in the hotel will be returned to me (here in the States)... (note: it was brought back by one of Regent's next groups about 10 days later).

Mrs. Valentine

(I like the most) Just being there! Feeling the energy! The whole thing.

Lee Daley

I had a wonderful time and I am very glad I went. It was an advernture of a lifetime fo rme as travel is only one of my interests.

Joan Stewart

Great Value! We will highly recommend this trip. Thank you for coordinating and leading an affordable magnificent trip!

Les & Joyce Berk

We loved being around Chinese people who we found very friendly. Highpoints were the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Ming Tomb, the Terra Cotta Solders, the Lama Temple, etc.

Joanne & Robert Southworth

The areas we visited were excellent. The trip was a very enjoyable experience.

Don Amacker

The tour was wonderful and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

Linda Peek

Very enjoyable, especially interacting with the Chinese people. I learned a great deal about their culture, and the unique problems they face. This Regent Unity Group consisted of 42 wonderful people; it was diverse, and together we had fun!

Mr. Blumes

Great, fabulous, complete sensory overload! Food was great - who says that you can't gain weight on Chinese food!

Patricia Greiner

Great Trip, nice Chinese people, great hotels and food. Good price. Too much shopping.

Dr. Paul Povlsen

Very interesting and informative and most of all AFFORDABLE! I really enjoyed getting to know more about China and visiting the cloisonne and jade factories. The people were all very warm and friendly.

P. Jill Elkinton

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