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Dear Regent Tours,

While trying to describe our trip to friends and family, words like extraordinary, incredible and just plain fantastic were words used most commonly. Most could not believe the price and several asked for your phone number.......

What part was liked best? To touch China and its history. The people. The overall sights, sounds and smells of china. The children we had a chance to meet. The terra cotta warriors. The (incredible) Wall.

I can't say enough good things about all of our/your guides. They knew and did their jobs very well and they were most helpful in all situations. Yin was a delight. Bo was funny and fun. Charlie was fun and knowledgeable. I never heard one complaint from anyone about our guides, and everyone loved Annie.( Annie is Regent's China National Guide for this group - note) I must confess, I wanted to bring her home. A high point of your tour, is your guides. Another plus was the quality of the hotels. They were all impressive.

Our group was the Unity Church group out of Sarasota. I realize we couldn't do it all in 10 days. There are so many places in China that would be wonderful to visit and to spend some time. AND YES, I would love to go again.

Thanks for a memory I shall never forget.

Bill and Verda Fisher

I really enjoyed entering first into Beijing to give us an experience of the political and recent Chinese history. The transition to an ancient city such as Xi'an was a wonderful experience. I would have liked to visit some f the caves and perhaps to meet some local Chinese people to hear stories from their point of view. The grand finale of the trip to Shanghai was exciting but too short. I feel that I experienced the complete China. At least as much as possible in 10 days. I experienced the political, ancient and modern China. I pray for much success of the Regent Tours with many many more tourists to experience as China opens her heart to the World. Thank you!

Ginger Bermen

Regent China Tours USA office
Phone: 813-907-5051

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