What People Say of Regent China Tour

This was really an excellent tour - I could not have asked for a more thorough trip to see the highlights and attractions of China.

Nancy Haibach
Riverton, NJ

Respected Mr. Chunyang Jiang (of Regent USA)

I just got back from China. It was the most wonderful trip I had taken. I had the time of my life. It was like a dream came true. I was very impressed with guides, especially Winston Fan is a great guide and also a noble soul. He added so much to our tour. I wish you will invite these fellows here so that we can show our gratitudes towards them - Again, thanks.

Great Tour for Great Price

Shashi Gupta
Alexander, VA

Dear Mr. Yin (of Regent Beijing)
On behalf of Mr. & Mrs. Buck and my wife Mrs. Aldred, I felt I should write to you to express our thanks and congratulations for helping to make our recent trip to China so successful and enjoyable. Everything went well and there were no problems whatsoever. All the tour guides, namely Emily, Antony and Shirley were excellent but I must also add a note of special praise for Winston, whose organization skills made everything run like clockwork. Please pass on our thanks to them all. We will certainly recommend this tour to any friends who may be contemplating China as a holiday destination.
Once again, thanks for a wonderful holiday.

Bob Aldred


Speaking for myself and for the people I have talked with, the best thing about the whole trip was just seeing the Chinese people. As I think of it now I realize that enjoyed the bus rides to our various destinations every bit as much as I did getting there, especially when the ride took us through city streets. The people are a true delight....The friendliest people I have ever encountered in traveling. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of experiencing China and its people.

Lee Garetson
Minister of Unity Church
Daytona, FL

Korean Airline and China N.W. and Eastern were very good, with liberal lunches and good service.

Good planning on Regent China Tour's part led to every day a full day making the best use of our relatively short China visit.

Thanks again for a once in lifetime adventure.

Blair and Rita Libby
Gulfport, FL

Excerpt from Letter to Editor, St. Petersburg Times (May 15)

Seventy six of us just returned on Sunday from ten days in China....

Before the bombing of the embassy, everywhere we went the Chinese people were very friendly. They seemed genuinely interested in meeting Americans, often asking if they could take pictures of us. ON hundreds of occasions I looked directly at people and said."Hello" in English or in my bad Chinese, often drawing a response of surprised delight. Never in ten days was anyone rude or belligerent to any of us. In the Shanghai Museum hundreds of Chinese school children were visiting in orderly groups. We enjoyed their eager curiosity, and talked as far as their limited English and our limited Chinese would allow. Our plane left the morning the news broke about our bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. While our guides must have known it, and had strong feelings about it, not once did they say anything to us. neither did anyone else in the airport. If a Chinese warplane had bombed an American embassy, with Americans returning home in coffins to grieving families, how would visitors from China be treated here I can only hope with an understanding that it is not the people, but the governments that sometimes make tragic mistakes that cost innocent lives......

We need to invest our resources in the development of our peoples. That is far more likely to happen if we carefully nurture at every level relationships of trust...

Dr. Warren Clark
Tampa, FL

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