Subject: Hello
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 08:43:29 -0500
From: Elaine Katz
To: Joy Katzen-Guthrie

Hello Joy, just returned home last night - safely.

I had an amazing journey through China - most important the attention I received from Regent - Yin, Liang and all of the guides were wonderful.

I feel like I have made some new friends. It would be my pleasure if you and or Yin's brother and anyone else connected with Regent (China Tours) would like to visit NY and stay in my house ( I have extra rooms as both of my kids are away at college.) There are so many Jewish people in my community, I would not hesitate to arrange a gathering at my temple if people from Regent would like to make a presentation.

In the two weeks I was in China, there were very few, if any American tourists. I realize it was off season, but still Americans were hard to find.

I will thank Yin personally, but his e-mail address is not on my home computer. Feel free to forward this to Yin and anyone else.

My daughter Lauren will be returning to China in mid January. She will join a different program and reside in Shanghai Jan - June. I think she has made quite an impression on Yin andLiang. She spent a whole day with Liang at the Jewish studies center in Shanghai.

It will be hard to eat out in NY and pay NY prices in the restaurants. The price of food in China is definitely cheap - but for the most part I did not care for the food. I am glad to be home with western style bathrooms. I had many interesting adventures using restrooms ( holes in the ground)

So it looks like China is in my life for the foreseeable future as my daughter will do something with it for her career. By June she should be fluent in Chinese - she will live with a host family.

Bye for now - hope we meet up with each other some day

Best regards

Elaine Katz

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