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Scitech Hotel ( CVIK Hotel )

( in Chinese Sai Te Fan Dian )

It is like a piece of wonderland land situated right in the center of the business section of Beijing. From the hotel one could easily catch sight of the the famous Chang'an Avenue ( Boulevard of Eternal Peace ) lying to the north and the Beijing neighborhood to the south. Scitech Hotel or nicknamed by some people as CVIK Hotel is actually a hotel complex with an office building to its west and a shopping mall, one of the few most popular ones in Beijing, to its south. No wonder why so many business people would have it on top of their hotel choices during their stay in Beijing.

Scitech hotel enjoys such a flourishing and modern atmosphere that you will find all these within ten minutes of walking distance: Uncle Sam Sandwich and Coffee, Hagendas Ice Cream, Roger's Roast, two Pizza huts, Mcdonald, Baskin & Robins plus various Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Hong Kong restaurants. The world famous Silk Alley is also only 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

* Entrance and Lobby *

Scitech Hotel has two main entrances respectively in the north and south of the building.

Individual check-in will be available in the front desk by the southern entrance while group check-in will be processed in the function rooms inside the north entrance.

As required by the local government here, each person shall have to fill in the Hotel Check-In Paper before the room keys are provided. On the paper, the following items shall be a must to fill in: Family Name, Given Name, Passport Number, Visa Duration, Visa Kind ( L in most cased stands for tourist ), and your signature at the bottom. And rest of the items will be done by the hotel front desk receptionist.

In the lobby there are two IC phones available ( to call home with cheaper price ) and the IC cards could be purchased in the exchange counter by the front desk at the value 30 yuan ( appr 4 usd ), 50 yuan ( appr 6 usd ) and 100 yuan ( appr 12 usd ).

Safety Box is also available in the front desk, yet deposit shall be required. Valuables are advised to be placed there or in the room safety box.

In China, exchange rates of foreign currencies are similar everywhere. At the moment, 1 usd will be equivalent to 8.07 yuan without any exchange commission. Passport and room number sometime are required for the exchange. Remember to take a receipt for each transaction which will be helpful when you want to change the rest yuan into US dollar at your departure airport. Traveler's check could also be exchanged with commission whereas one could not cash credit card or private check. On the first floor in the " Chocolate " Building opposite to the hotel across the Chang'an Avenue, there is a bank which provide services of cashing major credit cards subject to 4% service charge.

For either individual or group check, bell boys would be always ready to assist you carrying your heavy suitcases into your room. Tips would be encouraged at 1 usd per person or 1 usd per piece if it is a real heavy one. Same story would be applied upon your check out.

Business Center:

The hotel's Business Center, located on the second floor, provides a full range of office equipment and secretarial services including facsimile transmission, computing with Internet access, word processing, photocopying, translation and IDD service. Email service is available there at the rate of 6 minutes for approximately 1 usd.

* Hotel Room *

SCITECH Hotel offers 324 elegantly lavished guest rooms and suites to meet the needs of the international traveler by offering standard rooms, to deluxe business suites. All rooms and suites are equipped with IDD telephone, built-in safety box, stocked mini-bar, radio, television with complimentary in-house movies which include CNN, NHK, Star TV, and individually controlled air conditioning. As you relax in our modernist private residence be sure to take advantage of our full menu room service that is available 24 hours and a day.

By taking either of the four elevators opposite the front desk, one could easily get to your rooms. The hotel itself has 15 floors and the 12th floor is a non-smoking one. Your request for the non-smoking room will be satisfied at any time when the hotel is notified and when there is still rooms available.

Mini bar inside your room will be charged by each item as listed on the Rate Paper once you have any consumed. Room services could also be ordered 24 hours around. กก

In the wardrobe laundry rate list is provided. Check the price before you set your order.

Each room has been equipped with a hairdryer. If private hairdryer or any other electric gadgets should be used or played, do take care you have plugged them into the right electric voltage as shown on the wall in the washing room ( 110 V / 220 V ).

To make your stay in the hotel more convenient and comfortable, the hotel has provided many free items including:

1 Special drinking water pipe in the washing room.

2 Room Safety Box ( Code ).

3 Tea bags free. ( more will be added upon request, call Housekeeping )

4 Sugar Free. ( Call Housekeeping for more )

5 Iron ( Call Housekeeping to rent )

6 Electric Thermos ( Call Housekeeping to rent )

Key to the room: It is an Magnetic Card. Following the arrow on it and insert into the door lock, then the light on the lock will turn green. At this moment, take out the key and the door could easily be opened while turning the knob. As soon as you get into the room, place your key in another lock on the wall in order to turn on the electricity in the room.

TV: There are three places to turn on the TV i.e. the power button on TV, the button by the bedside and the power button on the remote control. TV picture will not pop up given any of the button un-pressed. The TV in the room has been installed with VOD system, with which you could find the following advantages more than an ordinary TV. a) Welcome words every time you turn on the TV with your name shown. b) Check your bills in the hotel. c) Watch VOD movie at the rate of 5 usd per movie. d) Get all kinds of hotel information. At the same item, more than 30 world and local channels are provided free of charge.

Telephone: The hotel bill will include all international and local calls, rates of which and detailed way of using it are shown in the hotel directory provided in each room. Some basic idea: room to room, dial 7; For operator, dial 9;

Room cleaning: It will take place 0900am to 1200am every morning and 0130pm to 0400pm every afternoon. If special requests be made either at the front desk or by calling the housekeeping, the room cleaning will be done strictly accordingly. Tips from 50 US cents to 1 US dollar per day will be encouraged upon your check out or to be left at the most convenient and outstanding place day by day. For more comfort and homelike feeling, extra towels or quilts would always be provided by dialing the housekeeping. กก

* Restaurant in the hotel *

There are three restaurants in the hotel so far.

The restaurant on the second floor provides authentic Canton Food, mostly sea food.

In the middle of the lobby, you will find the new coffee shop offers both Western and Oriental cuisine. Also, you can enjoy daily buffet breakfast, Monday through Friday set lunch, weekend salad bar for vegetable lovers and a la carte menu. Open hour: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Buffet lunch and dinner are available here for the while at the rate of 7 to 8 usd per person including service charge.

By taking the elevator to the second floor, you will find the one to the Korean Restaurant in another section of the hotel.


* Recreation *

An address for pleasure as well as business, SCITECH Hotel offers a variety of facilities to accommodate your interests. After indulging yourself at our fine restaurants, you may find the urge to take advantage of our Bowling Room, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, or our Disco & Karaoke Lounge, all of which you will find indoors.

Scitech has so far one of the best recreation center among all hotels in Beijing. For hotel guests, health center and swimming pool will be complimentary while other facilities will be subject to certain charges. Chinese Traditional Massage will be available either in the recreation center or in your own room at the rate of 238 yuan ( 30 usd ) / per hour.

SCITECH Hotel has been designed for the international traveler providing the ultimate in personal attention, and services, while providing a four star hotel. Conveniently situated in the business district and embassy area you will find you are not far from near by sites. The hotel is adjacent from Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, and the ever so popular Wangfujing shopping paradise. Together with SCITECH Tower, SCITECH Plaza, SCITECH Club, and our SCIETCH Place you will continually find the hospitality you deserve.

Hotel Address:
22 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing, 100004, China
Telephone: (8610) 6512 3388
Facsimile: (8610) 6512 3542

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