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Reflexiology is more than foot Massage. During the first 20-minute treatment, the feet are soaked in an infusion of specially selected, soothing medical herbs. Prevents gout, Alleviates rheumatic, headache and migraine pain, Balances body temperature and blood circulation, Lowers blood pressure, Helps reduce varicose vein inflammation, Diminishes the retention of liquids, Best to complete with a reflexiology session. The following 60-minute synergistic treatment will promote a deep state of relaxation which is ideal for dispelling tension and helping to achieve inner balance.

Renming foot reflecting area health care developing center is the national syndic unit of China foot reflecting area health method research association. The company takes up with human health career, insists on the managing idea of “taking the technology as the fundamentality, service comes first with high efficiency management and development and creation” and make greatness clients to feel the beautiful life brought by natural treatment of non-wound, non-medicine.

The center forms Renming unique enterprise culture through years of exploration of practice. Under the supporting of development together and respond the social faith, conquer numerous man of insight who seek excellent, deal with concrete matters relating to work and create the new and step forward the target of creating first class industry and setting up global brand. Since 1996, under the powerful leadership of China foot reflecting area health method research center, the company creates Renming brand that is famous over the world, and registers multi-trademarks. In Sep, 2002, the center was assessed “honest and trust managing unit” by China protecting consumers foundation. Now the center has already passed ISO9001 quality management system recognition.

The company takes the enterprise spirit of “we try our best at every moment for your health” and invests a bit quantity of fund to implement the research and creation for the health care facilities and technology. The center has gained many famous experts and scholar’s support. On the foundation of operating international standard operation method, the center researches and develops and uses the “depth and permanence Renming technique” that possesses double faction of health and assistant treatment at home and abroad and establishes the training base of reflecting treatment method under the support of health method research center of China foot reflecting area. The center carries through the exchanges with professional groups and association home and abroad many time.

The center sets up the area company in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan and Qingdao and sets up the cooperator relation with the traders from more countries of USA, Japan, South Korea. The center perfects brand managing system, matching and delivery system, technical system and training system and sets up powerful league system of authorization, The center is expecting to create the century health career of life science with you.

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