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Getting Around Beijing

Take great care while going through the zebra crossing at intersections of the roads, because some drivers in Beijing will only slow down or stop when there is absolutely no chance for him to go on, otherwise he will make the last second dash.

Do pay attention to bicycles when walking. There are really over 10 million bicycles in Beijing.

Before entering a cab, be sure to check it has a meter.

Beijing Subway

There are two subway lines in Beijing.

The Ring Line runs through Xizhimen, Fuxingmen, Hepingmen, Qianmen, Beijing Railway Station, Chaoyangmen, Dongzhingmen and Yonghegong etc.

The First Line goes from Ping Guo Yuan (Apple Orchard) through Gongzhufen to the famous Shopping area-Xidan. It is being extended to the east. If your destination happens to be along the subway, the subway is definitely the best choice. It is clean and safe - but at rush hour it could be very conjested but still better than riding a bus.

The two subway lines cross each other at Fuxingmen Station.

There is no escalator nor elevator leading to the underground subway station.

The Subway Service Hour: 5:30 am - 23:00 pm.

Buses and Trolley

Public bus & trolley bus are very convenient and inexpensive. Bus stations are well marked with Chinese language signs. If you want to try to feel how people live in Beijing and fight the crowds everyday to work, try either one of the two. Be prepared to sweat.

Richshaw Rides

If you want to experience the old Beijing, definitely go into the hutongs (old neighborhoods). Take a rickshaw ride. Chatty and friendly, your richshaw chauffeur definitely knows their way around the old sections of Beijing city.

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