Hello Yinshuo,

It was a wonderful trip.

Here below are some points of my experience I 'd like to share with you.

No 1 is bamboo rafting. You were 100% right by suggesting me to go bamboo
rafting instead of boating. Sitting on the chairs in the middle of the
river, the charming hills and clear river that mirrors everything brought
your heart with freshness and quietness. Especially at this season, we were
almost the only ones there. That added much value to this rafting.

I should say No2 is the bicyle riding. I have given up my bike since 1999.
But I soon got use to it. This seems to be a skill that once you got it, you
won't foget all your life. Riding bike with Lucy's daughter is not only a
physical excercise but also a memory of good old days. I was grown up in
southern countryside. The vegetables, the fields, everything I saw brought
me back to my school days.

For No.3, undoubtedly the performance Impression Liu Sanjie. This, in my
view, is a work of a master. It features distinctively from commen plays in
other scenic places.

There are other things, family food, westernized bars... (which will be
much much more impressed had I been with my family)

I do not like the town itself, which is chaotic, untidied and noisy... This
seems to be the same in China, whether in prosperity-flushed city or
isolated country town. The natural scenery is facinating, on the other hand,
the humanized scenery makes it incomparable. There are too much work to do
for the details, as we see in western countries...


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