Lucy's Home in Yangshuo
There goes the saying: " Scenaries in Guilin are the best of the world, and Scenaries in Yangshuo are the best of Guilin ", and I would add my note thereafter " Scenaries and the exotic feelings at Lucy's home are the best of Yangshuo ". Lucy has been a very hospitable farmer from Yangshuo, and her home village is located by side of the famous Moon Hill of Yangshuo - so named the " Moon Village ". I went there with a group led by Linda Page and was so much impressed by her enthusiasm to introduce to us the most rustic view of her country.

In the morning, Lucy led us to experience the thrilling bamboo-rafting along the picturesque Yulong River. Until the moment you came to Yulong river, you never knew how beautiful the landscape in Guilin counted in your imagination. The water in the river were crystal clear way to the bottom. Along the banks of the river, you would see the water buffalos chewing their fresh grass on the field ridges, leisurely and carefree. Cormorants were balancing themselves here and there standing on each edge of the shoulder pole, ready at any moment to dive into the water for their preys. Local fishmen or the girls from the nearby boat were happily singing their melodic folklores to each other, and the singing resounded around the hills that bypassed like in a movie. Lucy kept pointing to us the various bamboorafts which looked very unique: the one with coffee and beer, the one where you could get your pictures while laughing on your raft, the one selling all kinds of fruit and the one ready to sell you the best local wine. Like a market, yet in a few second, all disappeared when the landscape of shapely hills and rich fields spread out in front of you. Sitting back cozily on the bamboo chair on the raft and feeling the sound of excitement and joyful shoutings around wafting the breeze, you couldn't stop the wondering as how the God could create such a wonderful and harmonious world with the least defects, or hardly any defects.
Lucy then led us to her home in the Moon Village. After a 5-minute walking along the very small village road, we were standing in the yard where Lucy's husband was busy with the cooking for us. The food had been wonderful and homely, wine-fish, mushroom green, home-planted potato...and the pomelos that were the seasonal local fruit. As a special treat, Lucy's husband presented us the unique home-made date wine mixed with various other local herbs. This was all I was looking for when I was planning for a trip in Yangshuo of Guilin - the experience with locals instead of being rubbernecking around like a pure tourist. Lucy and her husband also went out of their way to sing the folksongs for us while we were enjoying the delicacies. When all plates were empty at the end and everyone claimed that it was their best meal in China so far, Lucy invited us to visit her home and led us to her balcony on the third floor where the panorama view of the hills in Yangshuo astounded everyone. It was like a majestic entrance into a wonderland.

"Welcome back to my home again " Lucy said.

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