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  We just came back from China, we were a group of totally 13 persons and I want to say that we had the best trip ever!! But that also thanks to our great guide: Millie (Hou Lei), she was really wonderful and a very nice and funny person to be with. We laughed a lot, especially in the train, when we taught her a dutch card game, called "donkey", she knows what I mean.... Also she knows a lot about China and China¡äs history, which was great. We can¡ät wait to go again to visit other parts of China. And Millie..... every morning when I open my curtains I expect to see you.. but unfortunately you haven¡ät arrived yet!! You know you are always welcome here!!! A big kiss for you, bye bye, Linda.

Dear Mr. Yin,
Having just returned from a eleven day journey to China my mind is still processing what my eyes witnessed and heart experienced in a land and culture that is so profoundly different than I could have ever imagined. From the beginning, with a total of thirty-eight sojourners in our group, ¡°The Ancient Wisdom¡± tour took on a life of its own.  Upon arrival in Beijing we hit the ground running and never stopped. Our group seemed to move with a singular sense of elegance, grace and flow that very much reflected the energy of the culture in which we were being immersed. Each historical landmark and ancient structure we visited seemed to top the one before in its immensity of scale, detail and beauty. Every experience of contemporary China added a new depth of appreciation for a culture that has adapted amazingly fast to westernization while still maintaining its ancient roots.
Each new day I kept anxiously waiting my ¡°next¡± experience of China assuming it couldn¡¯t possibly be greater than the last. I mean, what could possibly be greater than the Great Wall itself, or more stunning and breathtaking than the Forbidden City? Then one day during lunch at a small local (non-tourist) restaurant in downtown Beijing, which Yin, our guide referred to as ¡°The Shouting Restaurant¡± it happened. My peak experience for the entire journey divinely exploded before my eyes. The name of the restaurant was appropriate enough; with everyone conversing at the top of thier lungs while different courses of food were being served in rapid-fire order, the energy was absolutely magnetic. No, my epiphany didn¡¯t happen while drinking the dead snake-in-the-bottle wine or eating a fiery spice-soaked dumpling; it was in the eyes of a small child perhaps two or three years of age who stood motionless outside the restaurant peering directly into my eyes through the window. In that magical moment time stood still. I could see her mind at work, thinking about me¡­as if she recognized me and was trying to remember if and how she knew me. Then suddenly, as if she realized I was a member of her own family, her eyes lit up even more, she giggled and cracked a big smile that bridged any possibility of a chasm between cultures, age and language, dissolving all barriers between us. In that pristine moment she and I truly did know one another. We had connected with something we both inherently had in common¡ªour humanity, as well as our oneness in something infinitely larger than life itself. At peak moments such as this the veil between the two is very thin. When we can look beyond size, age, gender, nationality, color, culture, religion or any of the other many labels we tend to place upon others and ourselves, we shall realize we are all very much the same. We all are born; we all die. We all laugh; we all cry. We all know joy; we all know pain. We all share the same planet and we all share the same name: Human Being. And all it takes is a simple gaze into another¡¯s eyes while we remember that who we are really looking at is actually some aspect of ourselves, followed, of course, by the universal language of a smile to bridge any perceived communication gap.
Only after having this peak moment was it that I looked up, at first somewhat startled to see the child¡¯s mother standing there grinning from ear to ear. She no doubt took great pleasure in witnessing her daughter¡¯s delight in our encounter. Clearly this child had a great role model for openness to others, who, at first glace, may appear ¡°different¡±. About that time everyone sitting at my table got in on the action and began smiling and waving to this beautiful child and her proud mom, who both replied with more of the same. No doubt it was one of those profound moments that will be indelibly etched into the walls of my mind and heart forever.
So there I was, 7,000 miles away from home fully expecting to experience my divine ah-ha moment while standing next to the Grand Canal in Suzhou, or doing Tai Chi with hundreds of others at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, or being mesmerized in the presence of the Terracotta warriors or while sitting in silent prayer at the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian, or gazing at the stunning nighttime skyline of skyscrapers along the Bund in Shanghai. No. All that it took was one small child who was willing to allow me to see myself and all of humanity in her. I returned home from an amazing trip abroad once again humbled and reminded that at the end of the day life is really about relationships. Why so? Because, if we are willing to look deeply enough into one another, getting past all of our judgments and fears about our differences, we be able to see what we have in common. In short, we¡¯ll remember to remember there is only One of us here. Contained within the wisdom of this awareness lies the potential for a lasting peace in our world. How could we possibly conspire to do harm to another when we see ourselves in them? Do you need to go 7,000 miles to be reminded of this? Of course not. You need look no further than the next person you encounter today. The Sufi mystic Rumi summarized it beautifully when he wrote, ¡°In any gathering, in any chance meeting on the street, there is a shine, an elegance rising up.¡± May this be the day you meet and greet yourself in another: Just let it shine.
Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones (


Linda Spaan Arnhem, Holland
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Kansas, TX USA
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Great web site.

Suzan Kansas, TX USA
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I have visit your website, i found great information and i thanks you for this useful website.
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Thank you for all the compliments. We are opening up the route to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India. Interested parties please contact Regent for details.

Jiang Tampa, Fl USA
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Engelke, Tour with Nyima and Benpa from Tibet Office, Regent China Tours,
August 24 - September 06, 2002

We have had an excellent visit to Tibet with the help of our wonderful
guide, Nyima.
We especially enjoyed learning about the history and culture of Tibet,
and Nyima is very knowledgeable in these subjects. For Westerners, this
knowledge base is very important, because our interest in Tibet is very
strong, but the information available to us is very limited.
Also important to us was Nyima's willingness to adapt the tour to our
needs and interests. This is of extreme value to most Americans, because
we come to Tibet with very specific interests and we like our trips to be
personal and flexible.
Additionally, Nyima was very attentive and helpful concerning our
practical needs, such as helping us locate post offices and altitude
Finally, Nyima's command of the English language is very good. He is very
patient in giving explanations and ensuring that we understand. We were
also impressed by how interested he is in improving his knowledge and
skills in all areas.
Our driver, Benpa, is very capable and safe. Even when we had an accident
with the car, he was very calm, handled the situation well, and made us
feel confident.

Lynn-Steven Engelke Washington, DC USA
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This is an overdue thank you for our wonderful trip to Shanghai in June. We cannot say enough wonderful things about our excellent guide Liang. It was really a joy to have a such a knowledgeable guide. We learned so much Jewish history as well as general Chinese history and culture from Liang. We also greatly appreciated his professionalism and willingness to take the extra steps to ensure we had a good trip. We also did not take for granted Liang's English fluency. Any of your tour groups would be very lucky to have Liang as their guide.
And to think I found you all on the internet. It's really remarkable.

Thank you for a fabulous trip.

Sima Michaels Dembo USA

Dear Yin, I appreciate your high standards for our comfort and well-being on our china/Tibet Tour. The challenges that our group presented were met with poise, calm, professionalism, and graciousness. I feel that our needs were well met by you and your staff on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I especially enjoyed the museum at Chengdu of the ancient Shui civilization, the Drepung Monastery and the Sera Monastery in Tibet.

With sincerest gratitude

Katherine M James USA

Dear Yin , Thank you so much for the marvelous trip.

it was full of fascinating and beautiful sights. I so much appreciate your care, protecting us, keeping us safe, being so falexible and accommodating, you really listened to what the group wanted and provided that for us.

Your knowledge of the history and culture make the experiences come alive and gave historical perspective.

Your calm, tranqulity and kindness made the trip relaxing and fun.

The meals exposed us to the diversity of dishes and local styles and were really superb.

The only change I would recommend is to avoid crowded places during Festivals ( like the Drepung Monastery ).

I loved the balance of being in the country and gardens with the intensity of city life.

Your gentle humor, warm smile will remain with always. You have helped me understand and appreciate china and its depth.

Thank you so much.

Nancy Kelly.

PS: Song for Yin from our group.

I will follow Yin
Follow Yin wherever he may go
Oh please, please get onto the bus
Before, we make, you cuss
Oh, take us away
Oh, take us away

Oh take us, Oh take us, Oh take us
To shops and tombs and temples
and temples and temples
You'll always be our true guide, our true guide,
our true guide
From now until forever, forever, forever ...


Chorus ----
We will follow Yin
Follow Yin whever he may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
There isn't a Great Wall too high
To keep us apart

You are in our hearts
You are in our hearts

Nancy Kelly USA

Dear Yin , Thank you from deep within my soul and heart for creating an excellent trip for us. I have come to love and respect the people of China - in this beautiful spacious land.

Also please thank Robbie in Chengdu, May in Tibet, the paitent bus drivers, as well as the entire staff of Regent China Tours, who together extended so much time and energy to make our trip smooth and organized, safe and comfortable, so that we could have so many many treasured experiences. I will carry these thousands of memories of the sites, the exquisite visions and views, the smells, sounds and tastes of china with me always. I know I will return one day.
You have been an excellent Teacher and guide. You are a wise man, with a sense of fun. Thank you again - for all yo have done ... to give us a truly awesome adventure.

In friendship and respect

Mimi Ammerman USA

The trip was wonderful - thank you for organizaing such a great trip. I will tell all of my friends and acquaintances how friendly and kind the Chinese people are and I will always remember your country's history and serenity. I liked how you always gave a little talk before we saw things. it did help put things in perspective.

Thanks for being a great guide and for putting up with " tourist moments". I enjoyed our talk over coffee - your views and ideas helped me clarify how I was feeling about this trip. Let me know when you come to Washington DC or Baltimore MD

Kathy Farinholt Baltimore, MD USA

To Yin, our national guide in China Chengdu Lhasa Beijing

Many Many thanks for taking excellent care of us during our 15 days in China. You have worked exceedingly hard to arrange a wide variety of experiences to give us a "broad taste"of China, which experience I shall remember always.

I so appreciated your history lessons, Your Palm Reading Talk and all teh little bits of information you impared to us to enable us to understand China and its culture a little bit better.

I know we must have strained your patience at times, running in all directionsto shop, shop, and shop. But you kept your good sense of humor all the same.

My thanks to May and Robbie and all our wonderful bus drivers. You all deserve 5 stars ***** !

In friendship and gratitude.

Betsyanne Tippette USA

Member of Regent China Tours Group 0730AAAA

This trip met every expectation I had. Yin,our guide, worked very hard and very long days to see that we had a good time - sightseeing and shopping.

My favorite memories are of the Yogurt Festival in Lhasa Tibet after surviving a challenge like that crowd, it will be something to talk about and to realize how fragile our lives can be. Another tender moment for me was the little boy who made friends with me - he looked like a little beggar boy but he offered me money when he saw that I was sad, he sat with me and shared candy and when I left he gave me a Micky Mouse gift from his collection of odds and ends.

What I treasure the most is the connection with people who live half way around the world from me. They have been friendly and kind and go out of their way to help a stranger.

Until we meet again.

Joanne Lieske USA

Yin, Thank you so much for all your patience and concern during our trip. It was a lovely experience and you are a wonderful ambassador for your country.
May blessings come to you and your family.
Bonita Plymale

We discovered China to be a beautiful treasure as we eagerly lifted the lid of its jeweled & jade box and looked. The people of this great land are friendly, helpful and curious. They are proud of both their cultural history and the progressive changes all around them.

It was a joy to experience the grandeur of the Tibetan landscape and observe the ancient customs and religious foundation at " the top of the world ".

Beijing literally changes overnight as urban renewal moves forward with thoughtful planning and industrious activity. We excitedly watched the skysrapes change from the window of our extremely comfortable hotel ( Beijing Poly Plaza hotel ) during our stay.

This trip opened our eyes to the beauty of China - both the land and the people.
Bonita Plymale Tahlequah, OK USA

liangjing yuxi, china
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My niece, Lauri and I were well taken care while visiting China these past two weeks since our first flight delayed to Detroit. We were rerouted to China by Northwest Airlines, going through Japan to Beijing. I called the Regent 800 number and Flora let the people in China know of
the change. We arrived in Beijing 4 hours later than expected, our bags were not in the airport, but the local guide were waiting for us when we arrived at 1100pm at night. They assured us that they would find our bags. When we arrived at the Yuyang Hotel, Yin was waiting for us with a smile and make our check-in as easy as possible. Sure enough, the next morning our bags were found and delivered to the hotel that afternoon.
The excursions in Beijing were superb.
Our visit to Qingdao was great ! Jenny, the guide, was a real love and catered to all our needs. The hotel, the Grand Regency, was A+, and we certainly enjoyed staying there.
At Tai'an, our guide, Bian, always with a smile, was always patient with us, especially climbing up Mt.Taishan. he was happy to show us everything, even walking with us through the city at night, arranging taxi to go to Confucius Tomb and other places.
Liang, our guide in Kaifeng, was a wonderful guide, so knowledgeable about the jewish community, arranging for us to meet with the Johao family in the jewish quarter.

Cynthia Stein Yoken Fall River, MA USA
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Wow! What a tour - beyong my wildest dreams ! Yin, I hate to even think it's coming to an end. I'll miss so much ... you and the other tour guides, the wonderful meals, the people I travelled with, all the beautiful sights that were unbelievable & the Chinese people & their culture. Thank you for your special attention to each & every one of us.

Diovre USA

TO: Regent China Tours

Thank you for all your wonderful attention to every detail that our trip so marvelous. And especially, thanks for arranging my begetarian meals. We now have a fresh new thought about China. We love you.

Caroline & Ray Edge USA

This was the trip of my life time and you made it perfect and very special ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 20 June 2002

Jean Jognieri USA

Regent Jewish Guide

I must be getting old...and forgetfull....I forgot to put our name at the bottom of my letter.

My name is Harold Singer, my wife is Audree Singer....please forgive my oversight. Our group was from Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida .....last June

It has been a year since we visited your country and although I have not written,I must confess that hardely a month goes by that we, my wife and I, speak about that wonderful trip.

I hope that everything is going well for you and your family. Here in our community, our life has gone on and we, my wife and myself, and my children are all well and happy. Our children live far from Boca, Raton Florida. We have a daughter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two children in Minneapolis, Minnesota and one son in Dallas, Texas. We visit them as often as we can and they try to come to visit us at least one time each year.

Yesterday, Audree and I were looking through the pictures we took when we were in China. It was almost like taking the trip again. Our trip was not only a wonderful experience, it was a learning opportunity for us. We saw a country that was growing from the past to the future. We saw and met people who showed us hospitality and courtesy and gave us an opportunity to learn about their customs, their way of life, their industrious energy and their hopes for the future.
If someone asked me: "What was the most important bit of knowledge you gained from the trip?" It would be difficult to answer because there was somuch we learned. The Chinese culture, the Chinese history, the Chinese
personality....and so very much more. How can I answer in only a few words? Perhaps the best way I might answer is that I gained respect and understanding. I gained an insight that taught me that the only way our world will grow is through knowledge,understanding and respect. Perhaps, one day all the countries of the world will come to
know this and then the only competition we will face with be in our economic growth and trade and in our sports.
A year is past and we will not forget your kindness, your teaching and your courtesies to us and our group. I tell so many friends and others about our trip to China and I tell them that in today's troubled world, China is perhaps, one of the safest and best country to travel. Thank you for all you did for us, which even after the year has past, we still appreciate our experience.

Very sincerely,

Harold Singer USA

Thank you for a wonderful tour of China. I look forward to my third visit in the future. I especially appreciated your facilitation of our visit to the museum housing the Nestorian Monument. It was more than we anticipated.
I highly recommend the museum as a regular feature of your tours. We also visited the Moslem Mosque in Xian (on our own) and it is a treasure! We visited the large Roman Catholic Cathedral in Shanghai as well as the
historic Jewish Synagogue. The visits to the Buddhist and Daoist temples rounded out a real interfaith tour of China.

I will want to include all these sites on my future tours!

Grant Lynn Ford USA

Mr. Shuo:

I'm not sure how long you'll be in China, so I figured I would send you this
message via email. Of course, I'll also be sending a formal thank-you letter
to your colleague C.J. in the US.

In any case, I wanted to thank you very much for your time and assistance
with our program in China. We arrived back safely in the US on Thursday
night and overall had a terrific trip.

The tradeshow was fun, and dinner at The Capital Garden restaurant was
definitely one of the trip's highlights.

We look forward to using your services in future years.

If you need to reach me in the future:

Gregory L. Stoller
Boston College
Carroll Graduate School of Management
Fulton Hall
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA 02167-3808
617 233 5666

Thank you again for everything!

Gregory L. Stoller Chestnut Hill, MA USA
Dear Michelle,

Thanks very much for your note. I have looked at the information and
pictures on both of the links you sent, and they are helpful. I'm glad to
have that information available.

Our trip back home was long. We arrived at our home at 2 this morning
(Sunday). However, even though the trip was long and tiring, it was
wonderful to visit China. We are very grateful for the opportunity to do
so, and very thankful for our good guides who made the trip so enjoyable
and worthwhile.

Thank you!

Ed and Carol

----- Original Message -----
From: Michelle
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 5:07 AM
Subject: Regent School

Dear Ed & Carol Dodge ,

This is Michelle from Regent Beijing Office.

Thanks for your donations which we have informed the school.
We will soon inform you the name of the students whom you sponsored
for the year of 2002.

Should you have any questions regardingly, please let me know.

Details of the school could be reached at :

Also at the following page as provided by Pat Silveria who has been to
the school:
Pat Silveria Email:

Thanks again for your support and kindness !

Cordially Yours

Michelle Zhao

from Beijing China

Ed and Carol USA
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Dear Mr. Yin,
Just Returned home and before I did any thing else, I felt I must tell you how much Winston Fan made our trip to China the best. We enjoyed his company as much as the
many sights he showed us.
Winston is a credit to your company and the Chinese people or should I say the Inner Mongolian People
in general. Tell Winston hello for us.

Greg and Amey Reynolds Hackensack, , N.J. USA
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Dear Mr. Yin,
Just Returned home and before I did any thing else, I felt I must tell you how much Winston Fan made our trip to China the best. We enjoyed his company as much as the
many sights he showed us.
Winston is a credit to your company and the Chinese people or should I say the Inner Mongolian People
in general. Tell Winston hello for us.

Greg and Amey Reynolds Hackensack, , N.J. USA
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Dear Mr. Yin,
Just Returned home and before I did any thing else, I felt I must tell you
how much Winston Fan
made our trip to China the best. We enjoyed his company as much as the
many sights he showed us.
Winston is a credit to your company and the Chinese people or should I say
the Inner Mongolian People
in general. Tell Winston hello for us.

Greg and Amey Reynolds Hackensack, N.J., N.J. USA
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I have come back from lijiang, soon I will upload my homepages about my trip

anna anna123450@yahoo. GZ, China
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Enjoying your website. Still reliving our wonderful trip late February and sharing our experiences and pictures with family and friends. Thank you and best to all:
Jay and Delia Pease

Delia and Jay J. Pease, Jr Pompano Beach, Fl USA
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I like your site, very comprehensive.
Go to my website. It's all about my trip to China in 1999 (

O. Kelly Baile ¨¢tha Cliath, ¨¦ire
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Your comments, whether it is about our site, or about our content,
are most welcome.

Webmaster Atlanta, GA USA
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