Frequent Asked Questions

What is
Regent Education Fund?
The founders of Regent Group had first hand experience in poverty stricken areas where children, because of traditional influence, yearn for an opportunity to sit in a classroom, but their parents simply can't afford it, however they themselves want so much that their children could join in a classroom.
As soon as Regent Group turned a profit, Regent Education Fund, in the beginning relied soly on contribution from Regent Group and Regent Staff, was born.

Whom does REF help? Regent Education Fund is not a general purpose charity. In fact, it helps only those children who DESIRE to go to school. Too often we see kids are forced to go to school, for free. We can't afford that, and we want our, and our donators' hard earned money to go to children who merit our help. Because we believe these children will become the leaders in the future.

What kind of help do the children receive? Annual tuition and books cost about $60 US. Regent Education Fund sponsor individual child, at the same time, contribute to general purpose school expenses, such as salaries to teachers and administrators of the schools, toys, teaching aids, library books and other school related expenses.

How do I sign up? You may contact Regent Offices in either China or in US in person, or through this website, on your phone, fax, or by mail. We will get back to you promptly.

What does it cost? $60 US or 500 Yuan in Chinese will support one child's whole year's tuition and books.
If you contribute $120, you can specify whether you want sponsor 2 children for a year, or one child for 2 years, or one child and rest goes to fund pool for other school purposes.

How does Regent Education Fund use the money I send for the child? There are two ways your donations are put to work:
1. Spent on the child's tuition and books.
2. Combined to build Regent Schools in poorly developed rural areas that meet the needs of each sponsored child as well as other local children in their pursuit of education.
Regent staff and all REF related expenses are paid by Regent Corporate Group. All your contribution will be used for children's education endeavor.

How do I contact the child I sponsor? As a sponsor, you receive a packet containing all of the details you'll need about how and where to send your letters. After that, it's just like writing to anyone you care about.

May I send gifts to the child? Yes, you may! Small, amusing flat items such as pictures and books which fit inside letters are always welcome. If you wish to be more generous, details are available on how to help your child with special needs or to celebrate an occasion.

May I visit the child, or invite the child to visit me? If you are financially able, your visit to your sponsored child will be welcome and we will be happy to help you to pre-arrange it. In fact, Regent's very popular China Tour will bring you not only to China, but also to visit the child you sponsor. He/she will be thrilled to actually meet you. On the other hand, it is difficult to arrange the child to visit you because of the US visa is hard to obtain.

How long does the sponsorship last? For as long as you wish. And you can sponsor as many children as your wish.
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