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She is sweet and she is smart, she wants to be a teacher. However, she doesn't have a learning environment due to the lack of financial support. Will you help her continue her school and eventually realize her dream

Dear Friends,

There are a lot of things out there we can do to help others. But there is rarely anything that we do will change someone's life.

Would you join us in our effort to not only change someone's life for better, but also change the future world for better

Let's give a child an opportunity for education.

Thousands of Chinese children who yearn for a chance of going to school everyday but can't, because their parents are not able to afford it.

Today China has about 200 million illiterates, a burden not only on the future of China, but also on the future of the world. If they cannot use Internet, or build a computer, the globe will be truly a small place.

And consider the other fact, in rural areas where education opportunity is most needed, for a child to complete his / her one year of elementary education, it takes only 500 Chinese Yuan, or about 60 US dollars.

We at Regent fully believe that we can make changes, and we invite you to join us.

Thank you.

Ms. C. Zhang
Director of Regent Schools
Regent Group

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