Regent, Name you can count on!

Solid Expertise
Regentí»s China expertise comes from yearsí» of actual tour leading inside China. More than half of Regentí»s staff are Chinese tour guides one time or another. We know by heart what are expected from both our tour group members and Chinese hosts.

China Connection
Regent's offices in China monitors every step of all and every tour, whether it is a group, or an individual. All information relating to your travel itinerary is seamlessly coordinated between various Regent offices, via phone, fax and internet.

Even though combined, we have several decadesí» worth of China tour experience, Regent is still young, We try harder. Consistent in our vigorous attention to every minute detail, we have won the hearts of all those who have traveled with us.

Tour Programs
Regent promotes people exchange, in additional to sightseeing. We take you to climb the Great Wall, to talk with students at Traditional Chinese Medicine University, to visit extraordinary museumsíş..Our ultimate goal though, is to create understanding between peoples. Chinese people look upon you as ambassadors from other side of the earth.

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